Carrefour is starting its new activity in Greece, with the opening of 5 new different types of stores, depending on the data and the particular conditions of each local market.

The 5 new store types are as follows:

Carrefour Flash 10/10: This is the most innovative type of fully automated store, small area, which Carrefour is the first to create, within urban centers. Their philosophy is “10 seconds to shop and 10 seconds to pay”. Another element that makes us stand out is that the customer does not need to create an account or use an application through their mobile phone. All he needs to do is to enter the separate Carrefour Flash 10/10, place in his bag the products he is interested in and finally complete his purchase by making the payment.

Carrefour Bio: These are medium-sized stores that offer 100% organic and ecological products at competitive prices. We recommend a healthy and balanced diet, which is one of the biggest consumer trends in recent years.

Carrefour Market: These are stores that develop in both urban and rural areas and offer a wide range of fresh and local products, as well as a range of non-food products tailored to the preferences of their customer base. As Carrefour, we support Greek producers and give them the opportunity to promote their products, through our type of stores.

Carrefour Express: This is a type of store with the character of convenience stores, which are basically located in neighborhoods. At Carrefour Express, we stand out because we have extended hours, so that we serve customers in the best possible way.

Supeco: This is the last type of store we have. There, the consumer can find a wide range of high quality products at the best market prices! The customer can find these superstores mainly at the entrances of large urban centers.