Carrefour International Partnership is pleased to announce a new partnership signed with Retail & more S.A., a subsidiary of the Teleunicom Group, to bring the Carrefour brand and premium products back to Greek consumers.

The cooperation aims to position and develop Carrefour brands in the Greek territory. The first stores will open in Greece by the summer of 2022.

“The Carrefour brand and products are well-known in Greece and we are excited to be able to bring our best to Greek consumers again. The Teleunicom Group and its subsidiary Retail & more are for us the best basis to enter the Greek market quickly and efficiently. By entering Greece in 2022, Carrefour International Partnership strengthens its development path in new markets” said Mr. Patrick Lasfargues, Executive Director of Carrefour International Partnerships.

“We are very happy about the return of Carrefour’s brands and innovative commercial models to Greece. Greek consumers will live the experience of an innovative omnichannel ecosystem that will offer quality products and services, accessible to everyone”, says Mr. Vassilis Stasinoulias, CEO of Retail & more.

“We decided to create a new business activity in the retail and food sector and it was our great desire to bring Carrefour back to the Greek market. In our discussions with the Carrefour International Partnership, our strategic planning and ambition for the Ca

A few words about Carrefour

Group With a diverse network of approximately 13,000 stores in more than 30 countries, the Carrefour Group is one of the largest Food Retail Groups worldwide. The Group recorded revenues of €78.6 billion in 2020. It has 320,000 employees, who establish Carrefour as a global leader in the distribution and supply of high-quality food, accessible to everyone every day and anywhere. In total, more than 500,000 people around the world work for Carrefour. For more information, visit the website as well as the social media Twitter (@GroupeCarrefour) and LinkedIn (Carrefour).

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A few words about Retail & More & Teleunicom

Retail & More operates in the food retail sector and is a subsidiary of TeleUnicom, which is a member of the AVE Group. TeleUnicom was founded in 1995, is active in the distribution of mobile telephony and technology products in Greece and Cyprus and has been representing leading technology brands for many years.

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