A Network of 30 Carrefour stores, 5 different types, in the coming months.

Carrefour officially started the new era of its presence in Greece, with the opening of its first 5 stores, which have been in operation since April.

The first phase of the development of the Carrefour store network foresees the opening of stores in the region, with an emphasis on the tourist areas, having already opened 2 stores in Zakynthos and 3 stores in Halkidiki, while the creation of 7 more stores have been launched in the immediate future stores, in areas with intense touristic traffic, such as Santorini.

In parallel with the development plan of the network in the region, the first large store in Athens is being built, which will start its operation by next September, marking the expansion of the Carrefour network in the urban centers.

With the aim of creating a total of 30 stores in the coming months, the Carrefour store network will include 5 different types, depending on the data and particular conditions of each local market, including the Carrefour Flash 10/10, the most innovative type of store which will be launched for the first time in Greece.

Carrefour Flash 10/10, is a type of fully automated, small-area stores that Carrefour creates in urban centers, with a key feature of the lack of cash registers and the possibility given to the customer to be served quickly, following the 10/10 philosophy , “10 seconds to shop and 10 seconds to pay.” Flash 10/10 offers a seamless shopping experience, without waiting, with customers entering and exiting the store without having to go through a gate and without using the till, as payment is made automatically and almost instantly at checkout.

In addition to the innovative Carrefour Flash 10/10, the company creates 4 more, basic types of stores, Carrefour Market, large-area stores in cities and rural areas that offer a wide range of fresh and local products, Carrefour Bio, which offers 100 % organic and ecological products, Carrefour Express, super markets with the character of convenience stores which will be located in neighborhoods and even operate with extended hours, as is the case with mini markets and SUPECO convenience-discount stores, a type of hyper-store which provides high quality products at the best market prices, which will be created at the entrances of major urban centers.

“We are implementing a dynamic plan to create a network of stores, with different characteristics, which are fully adapted to the needs of each local and hyperlocal market. With the opening of our first stores, we officially started the new era of Carrefour in Greece, aiming to offer consumers quality products at the most competitive prices. In a few months, all types of our stores will be in operation, both in the urban centers and in the suburbs, including the tourist areas which were the first phase of the implementation of our strategic plan”, notes Vassilis Stasinoulias, CEO of Carrefour in Greece.

The Carrefour store network is developed by the franchise method, by Globalsat – Teleunicom, which undertook, after a relevant agreement with the French company, the return of Carrefour to the Greek market.

Globalsat – Teleunicom is one of the fastest growing companies in Greece and a leading group in the representation and distribution of electronic and technological products and services, already having exclusive distribution and sales partnerships in Greece and Cyprus market, products of leading companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Sencor, TCL etc. Globalsat – Teleunicom, in recent years, has designed and implemented a strategic plan to expand its activities in new, dynamic markets. In this context, he has undertaken the marketing and development of the Blink fast charger network in Greece, while implementing the development and reopening of Carrefour stores in the Greek market.