Carrefour shapes developments in the Retail Trade market through the creation of a new network of stores.

The Carrefour store network is being developed in Greece through the company Retail & More, a subsidiary of the Globalsat-Teleunicom Group, which undertook, after a relevant agreement with the French company, the return of Carrefour to the Greek market.

In the context of the operational development of Carrefour stores (franchise and privately owned), the SmartRetail management system of SmartWare International was chosen. The integrated Central-SmartRetail store management system is connected to the EnterSoft ERP system of the Retail & More company and is specially designed to support franchise stores in full touch-screen mode. It takes advantage of existing store equipment, offering unique security and central control features. It supports the full operational cycle of the stores from orders to central warehouses and suppliers, to the management of central promotions and brochures.

At the same time, in the context of providing an upgraded service experience to the end consumer, it offers a ready infrastructure for the upcoming Carrefour Loyalty card system. SmartWare International specializes in the provision of integrated information solutions and aims to return the investment to the customer, with an eye on the future business development policy.