Retail and More SA is committed to exclusively sell non-cage eggs, at Carrefour’s Greek stores.

Retail and More SA is a franchised partner of the Carrefour Group, in tune with the Group’s values, is implementing procedures that ensure the quality of its products, while respecting the environment and the welfare of the animals. Its main goal is to make these products available to all, through its network of stores.

Following the Group’s vision, which includes the implementation of best practices for the environment and the animals, Retail and More is committed to only sell cage free eggs, throughout its store network, from 2028 onwards.

In addition, Retail & More is further implementing the below action plan:

– actively supporting the production of free-range and organic eggs through its supplier agreements.

– focusing on the exclusive sale of free-range eggs through its corporate store network.

– educating its customers through in-store communication campaigns for the corporate store network.

– training the company staff in order to further promote the consumption of non-caged eggs.

– monitoring the practices of its private label product suppliers, at all stages of the production process, following the company’s Quality Policy.