Retail & More A.E. is a member of the AVE group of companies and was founded in 2021 through the subsidiary Teleunicom SA.

The main activity of the newly established company is the wholesale trade of consumer products (including food), while the company has taken over on behalf of Teleunicom, the distribution of Carrefour private label products.

The immediate goals of Retail & More are the creation of a new pan-Hellenic network of stores with a common corporate identity, under the name Plaza and Plaza Express, in which, among other things, Carrefour’s private label products will be available, high quality products and top services will be provided customer service.

Retail & More operates based on the needs of the consumer and a prerequisite for its effective service is its customer-centric philosophy. Retail & More’s network of stores will provide high-quality products and top-notch customer service, while its benchmark is the healthy development of relationships of trust and responsibility, the creation of strong ties with its suppliers and customers, and joint development and growth.

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