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Retail & More A.E. A subsidiary of AVE S.A. was founded in 2021. The company has taken over the Master Franchise of Carrefour in Greece, with the aim of re-launching the Carrefour Brand in Greece with the operation and development of retail stores under the Carrefour brand as well as the promotion of Carrefour products in the Greek market.

Carrefour’s success is based on its strong Retail know-how of super markets and the fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCG).

Our vision is to provide our customers with excellent service and high-quality products that are accessible to everyone in all distribution channels.

The company gives great importance to its employees, recognizing their ability and contribution to the entire organization and adopting a multicultural approach in its operation, recognizing the importance of diversity and social responsibility in all its activities.

Through its national presence and ability to adapt to ever-evolving production and consumption patterns, Retail & More A.E. contributes to the new Approach for everyone to have access to consumer goods and essentials. This includes actively participating in ongoing changes in the food industry, sustainable practices as well as healthy food choices to meet consumer needs.

At Carrefour, we operate based on the needs of the consumer and a prerequisite for effective service is our customer-centric philosophy!

Carrefour Group

The Carrefour Group is a global leader in the field of retailers,

with a network that includes over 14,000 stores in approximately 40 countries. Carrefour achieved sales of €90.8 billion euro in 2022. Its integrated store network employs more than 335,000 people who help make Carrefour a global leader in the “food for all” action,

offering daily, quality food easily accessible and at a reasonable price. A total of over 500,000 people work under the Carrefour brand worldwide.

Η Carrefour in Greece

Carrefour re-enters Greece dynamically, with its main focus on providing high quality products that will be a protection for everyone through the continuously growing network of stores in Greece. A total of 27 Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express stores operate in Greece.

Carrefour’s philosophy in Greece follows the global philosophy of the group, which is based on a new global transformation program of the way it procures food and offers it to the consumer. Taking into account the important role it can play in the supply of healthy, tasty and at the same time environmentally friendly food, it is committed to the above, through the “Act for Food” action, which started in September 2018 and the program involves all the countries in which Carrefour Group operates.


“Act for Food” is one of Carrefour’s most important global actions, with the aim of giving everyone access to safe and high-quality products.

The commitments of the action are applied in each of the countries in which the Group operates.

More specifically, the main actions of “Act For Food” include:

  • 100% local organic fresh produce under the Carrefour Bio brand.
  • Removal of 100 controversial substances from the recipes of Carrefour products.
  • Reducing or avoiding the use of pesticides.
  • Non-use of antibiotics in animal livestock.
  • Wide variety of products from certified responsible fishing.
  • No genetically modified ingredients are used in private label products.
  • Development of products aimed for vegetarians.
  • Strengthening of Organic Farming.
  • Promotion of seasonal vegetables.
  • Reducing food waste.Reduction of packaging materials.

Strategy 2022

Carrefour with its new Strategy “Carrefour 2026”, aims to accelerate its transformation in the midst of an unprecedented macroeconomic, geopolitical and climate context. Carrefour due to its strategic position can face crises by strengthening its position, its “food for all” program and its digital transformation. With its strategic program, it aims at better customer service through 2 main pillars:

  1. High quality products Affordable for everyone:
    1. Enhancement of Private Label products
    2. Supporting Sustainable Agriculture
    3. Promotional actions
    4. Committing suppliers to climate change
  2. The creation of a Leading Group through innovation at an organizational, business and social level:
    1. Digital transformation
    2. Adoption of Energy Policy
    3. Investments and increase in value of corporate property

Basic Ways to Implement Transformation:

  1. Acceleration of e-commerce.
  2. Intensification of Data & Retail Media actions.
  3. Digitization of financial services.
  4. Digitization of traditional retail operations.


  • Increase productivity to strengthen the group’s network.
    1. Management cost reduction tactic to give consumers the most competitive prices possible.
    2. Multi-channel approach and making food available to everyone.
  • Creating an omni-channel benchmark.
    1. Carrefour’s aim is to lead in online food shopping,
    2. Its priority for 2022 is the needs of customers, therefore also the development of solutions from specialized partners.


  • Making healthy and quality food accessible to everyone.
    1. Strengthening Carrefour’s supply requirements by developing its Quality Lines and encouraging organic farming.

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